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Mindset & High Performance Online Coaching with

Raksha Makan

Meet Raksha 

Mindset & High Performance Coach for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Teams

Raksha has accumulated over 25 years of Management Consulting and over 15 years of Mindset & High Performance Coaching. She was privileged to have worked with clients across a multitude of industries which gives Raksha a unique advantage in terms of her business knowledge base and people skills.


Raksha's primary focus is working with businesses who are geared to create sustainable high performers as part of the culture of the business. She works exclusively with executives/managers/entrepreneurs and their senior management teams and aligns with the business objectives and long-term vision to the customized coaching over a specified period of time.


Raksha has devised a methodology that, inevitably, sets up any person she coaches, up for success. The numbers and positive reviews speak for themselves. Having worked with over 1,500 individuals, 24 corporates and 18 privately owned businesses, Raksha is more than adequately equipped to assist you. 

Raksha pours her passion of Mindset & High Performance Coaching into all of her clients. Every program is customized based on the initial discussions/assessments which are conducted, face-to-face with the business executives/managers/entrepreneurs and their senior management team. 

That's what makes Raksha Makan your Mindset & High Performance Coach. 


Your Time Is Now!


Listen To Recent Reviews

Raksha assisted me in streamlining my thoughts, to become more focused on what I really wanted out of my business. I feel so much more confident in terms of my personal and business journey.

   Kevin P - IT Director

I signed up for Raksha's Mindset &  High Performance Coaching a year ago, when the world went into Lockdown. This was the best investment I made for my mental well-being and my business. What seemed like the end, blossomed into more opportunities and new ways of doing business in the new normal. I have kept Raksha as my High Performance Coach because she Makes A Positive  Difference for me!

Antoinette K - Recruiter

After 18 months of being coached by Raksha, I really can't get enough! She enjoys teaching and showing me how to get things done. I feel safe sharing my ideas, thoughts and vulnerabilities with her, because she helps and never judges. 

Sam SP - Director Fuel and Dry Goods Logistics

This woman has been nothing short of amazing! When I was going to throw in the towel and sell my farm, she helped me rise above my limiting beliefs. This is what Mindset & High Impact Coaching is all about. Happy to report that my vegetable and livestock farm is thriving and I have created 20 jobs in the community!

Leandre vd A - Farmer and Livestock Breeder

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